At Efficiency.ca, we believe you are much more than just a client. You are our partner. Why? Because once you choose to work with Efficiency.ca, your success becomes the most important thing for our team. Our role is to work with you to create tailored solutions that offer you the best chance for success and we take that role very seriously.

Efficiency.ca has become one of Canada’s most successful business solutions companies, with expertise in human resources,, training, marketing, technology solutions, business consulting and project management. A truly unique blend of imagination, talent and commitment, Efficiency.ca uses a team of over 30 consultants – engineers, MBAs, accountants, lawyers, geologists, and software developers – in order to create tailored solutions for their clients. They also work closely with private sector, federal, provincial and Aboriginal government partners. WHO ARE WE? We are a truly unique blend of imagination, talent and commitment. At Efficiency.ca, the most important service we sell is peace of mind. We are an innovative management and technology-consulting firm that offers dynamic solutions for businesses and organizations. We are a team that possesses over five decades of experience in the development of corporate and government human resources and training, marketing, media development, and proposal writing. With a client base in Canada, the United States, Europe and South Africa, our company has gained the trust of many world-class firms. We focus on Indigenous and Aboriginal communities and businesses in Canada and abroad. We are an interactive solutions partner with one simple philosophy: your success is our reward.


Efficiency.ca is your premier marketing and project management firm. We have considerable experience in corporate management, tourism and community marketing, promotions, web development, strategic development and project management. We are also pros when it comes to meeting and retreat planning, facilitation, general meeting management services, report development and proposal writing.
Goal Bring together the specialists from each area of expertise and coordinate their activities in order to attain your goal. Vision We envision your project in its entirety while integrating both your organization’s needs and desired outcomes. Creativity Our creativity is the driving force behind all of our projects and we maintain a constant interest for the aesthetic. Precision Our knowledge of the technical and logistical parameters results in well-thought-out projects employing project-appropriate solutions. Relationships We place the utmost importance in the relationships with our clients throughout the whole collaborative process. We have forged strong ties with all of our clients over the years, and that is why they continue to come back to us. For marketing, project management, tourism training, facilitation or conference management, our careful process of planning, delivery, and review provides you with a rare commodity: peace of mind.


WHAT MAKES OUR COMPANY DIFFERENT? The world is changing so quickly and you have to keep up in order to be competitive. This means marketing to the right people, educating your clients and partners, and assisting with educational development. For some organizations, this is not in the budget. We understand.
At Efficiency.ca, we are committed to working with your not-for-profit group or community to provide marketing and project management services on an “at-cost” basis for one simple reason: we believe in it. This is one area of your business that you should not neglect. Our services are customized to meet your organization’s specific needs. Reports, marketing plans, strategic models, and programs— all are solutions-based and relevant. Our style is high energy and informative. In our years of experience, we have observed what we believed all along: people learn and commit when they are engaged, challenged, and having a good time. We try to instill into all of our employees that same idea on a daily basis. It’s been working well for almost two decades, so we might be onto something here! Caldwell First Nation Staff Training 1. Educate: We want to ensure that the staff understand what a professional work environment is and what is expected from them. 2. Team building: The goal of our work is to help you build a workforce, a team that will work collectively to deliver better services to the community. Specifications The two-day session will be carried out by our lead consultant specialized in organizational behavior at Harvard University and has worked and consulted with over 100 First Nation communities in Canada. Gerry Labelle, a Northern Ontario Algonquin, who specializes in First Nation human-resource challenges, will facilitate the training. Milestones 1. Research Once project is approved, we will begin researching past information and develop a strategy on how to best carry out the two-day workshop. 2. Training The two-day workshop will be intensively interactive and will focus in team building 3. Support We will remain in constant contact and ensure that the strategy the group develops together continues long after the session is over.




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Gerry Labelle has been part of the efficiency.ca consulting roster for the past 15 years. He has a special ability to create consensus and bring people together when moderating and conducting sessions. He specializes in the design, management and delivery of programs, strategic plans, feasibility studies, in the health, education, municipal government and First Nations. At efficiency.ca Gerry’s consultancy practice is dedicated to tackling tough and unusual situations be it in politics, First Nation or human resource sector. He has worked to help develop the Managing Community Conflict program which helps citizens and their leaders move beyond conflict. Throughout the years he has developed numerous workshops and talks in a number of subjects including process management, Chaos Theory and Change, citizen and employee engagement to mention a few. He is also a personal and corporate coach, certified facilitator, trainer and public speaker. His grandmother was Algonquin and he has worked extensively with a number of First Nations Communities over the years. His specialty in profiling and engagement make him a great candidate for this project

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Juan Carlos has consulted globally in mining and exploration, IT, human resources, marketing, and Indigenous economic development. He specializes in governance, strategic management, entrepreneurship, technology, Indigenous relations and social enterprise. He is currently the lead consultant for efficiency.ca, an internationally recognized management-consulting firm. With a team of over 30 consultants worldwide, efficiency.ca is able to solve complex challenges across a variety of industries and sectors. Juan Carlos studied mining engineering at Laurentian University, and holds advanced degrees in Physics Math and Computer Science. He became one of the university President’s most trusted advisors, and was a key member on the team that developed the first wireless university in Canada. He was commissioned to conduct a full review of the City of Sudbury’s technology investments, and because of his successes was appointed as the first-ever e-business specialist for northern Ontario. Juan Carlos is currently completing his Master’s degree in Management from Harvard University, where he won first place in Harvard extension’s competitive real estate investment challenge, beating out over 120 participants.

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Deborah is currently on engagement with the Caldwell First Nation where she is the A/Director of Operations and has been working with the community to implement operational policies and procedures and capacity development. She has been a Senior Management member of the Oneida Nation of the Thames and has focused efforts and expertise on policy development, operational and capacity development of various program and services of the First Nation. Deborah led a variety of program reviews; and led the development of a best practices manual for the Oneida Ontario Works program and led the realization of a Labor Force Needs Assessment for the Oneida Economic and Employment Departments during her tenure 2010 – 2016. Deborah is Turtle Clan, member of the Oneida First Nation. A proponent of lifelong learning, she has studied at Ryerson University and First Nation Technical Institute in Toronto, Ontario where she received a Bachelor of Arts degree in First Nation Governance and Public Administration. Deborah studied at and attended Brock University, and received a Bachelor of Education degree in Aboriginal Adult Education. Deborah has held a number of management and front line positions with the First Nation Organizations. As a founding member of the London Native Women’s Association, served as Vice President and as a Board Director for various Native and Non Native organizations, also served as Vice President and Secretary. Deborah is passionate about securing the long-term economic security of Canada’s Aboriginal People. She has been involved in organizational and capacity development initiatives for the past 35 years and sees this as an excellent way to help secure aboriginal communities’ future. Deborah understands the needs of communities and is dedicated to provide the right training and partnerships to ensure that Aboriginal communities prosper. Deborah is a member of the management team at efficiency.ca and oversees all First Nation management agreements.

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Summer Nguyen is a Senior Devops Engineer having about 4 years working with Linux environment especially Web stack . He graduated from Ho Chi Minh City University of Technology, Vietnam in 2012 with good background in Computer Science . He has experiences and leadership in large scale system , data analytics , system automation . He is outgoing, motivated and eager to learn new things . He and his wife have just been welcome his first child in the late of 2016.

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Pablo M. Ulloa is a Computing Science student with a minor in Mathematics at Thompson Rivers University. He has a unique international background been Trilingual (speaks French, Spanish, and English) and also forms part of the Wolf-Pack Cross Country team at his university.



Marija Todorovska is a Bachelor of Translation in both English and German having a vast experience stacked up working as a teacher. Graduated among the top students of her class, she has also been working as a freelancer content creator ever since. Highly experienced in writing SEO articles for SEO agencies. Also a business, technical and creative writer at heart that always strives to learn something more.



Robert is currently on engagement with Conseil des Atikamekw de Wemotaci, where he is the Director of Finance and has been working with the community to rectify past financial irregularities. He has been an advisor on financial affairs of Caldwell First Nation and was the lead financial director at Oneida First Nations Employment and training department during the summer of 2015. He is a member of the Cree Nation of Waswanipi. A proponent of lifelong learning, Robert has studied at CEGEP Andre-Laurendeau and Concordia University in Montreal, Quebec, where he majored in Administration and Financial Management. Robert has held a number of management positions with the Cree Nation, including Treasurer, Director of Personnel, and Corporate Secretary. Robert is the former Director of Finance and Administration of the educational branch of the Cree Nation, where he was responsible for a $60 million operational budget. Robert is passionate about securing the long-term economic security of Canada’s Aboriginal People. He has been involved in mineral exploration and mining for the past 15 years and sees this as an excellent way to help secure aboriginal communities’ future. Robert has helped establish a major native drilling company and has created a number of joint ventures with both native and non-native companies. Robert is a familiar face at conferences such as Quebec Exploration, PDAC, CAMA, and Learning Together. He has been appointed a Director of l’Association de l’ Exploration Miniere du Quebec. Robert understands the needs of communities and is dedicated to provide the right training and partnerships to ensure that Aboriginal communities prosper. Robert has been part of the management team at efficiency.ca for the past 12 years and oversees all First Nation project developments.